'Iconic, mesmerising and unique' What it's like to attend a private Alicia Keys concert 3 years ago

'Iconic, mesmerising and unique' What it's like to attend a private Alicia Keys concert

''Iconic, mesmerising and unique'.

On February 8, I went to a private Alicia Keys concert and honestly, I'm still not over it.


The award-winning artist invited a select group to hear her new music, together with a sneak peek at her upcoming world tour.

Bush Hall, an intimate London venue, was the setting for the gig and it couldn't have been more perfect. Chandeliers and low lighting made for a romantic setting, allowing the music to take centre stage.

An estimated 500 dedicated fans were treated to the experience of a lifetime which felt so special and that's before Alicia even rocked up.

And then she arrived, wearing a slick leather ensemble and peaked hat - making a statement in the way only Alicia can.


Alicia's soulful vocals are breathtaking and although everyone knows she's an incredible singer, it's impossible to prepare for just how amazing it is to hear her play live.

The accompanying musicians, pianists and guitarists, were incredible and the combination of them ‘vibing’ with Alicia was mesmerising.

A smooth transition between sets and the combination of old and new tracks made for a brilliant night of entertainment.


The New Yorker chatted throughout the whole set, and it was clear how thrilled she is to be back performing. She told stories and spoke poetically in between songs. It comes so naturally to her and it added a completely different dynamic to the performance.

As much as I love her new track Underdog and I’m buzzing for a new album, I’m still obsessed with the older material, the songs we all remember.

Once she started singing Fallin', the crowd sang along with her and it was a moment in time I'll never forget.


Alicia has had some iconic songs and upon hearing them, I found myself singing along, surprising myself by knowing every single word by heart.

I was fully immersed and memories from my teenage years came flooding back - it was a joy to experience the music all over again.

Alicia Keys has always featured on my bucket list of must-see artists and I can't recommend her enough. A diverse setlist, talented band and a truly enigmatic main act.

Tickets are on sale for Alicia-The World Tour in 3Arena on June 5th now, check them out on ticketmaster.ie.