13 Reasons Why has postponed filming season two for the cast's safety 11 months ago

13 Reasons Why has postponed filming season two for the cast's safety

The California wildfires which are currently causing destruction throughout Sonoma County have caused the production's filming to halt for the meantime.

According to Deadline, the hit Netflix show have stopped filming in Vallejo, California with all cast and crew being ferried back to their homes.

The production company is reportedly on a hiatus until Sunday, when the situation will be reviewed again and hopefully, if safe to do so, the company will return filming.

The wildfires are causing serious damage throughout the Sonoma County area, with the death toll currently at 23 and neighbourhoods in both Santa Rosa and Glen Ellen left completely destroyed, current winds are threatening to worsen this out-of-control blaze.


Both the tourism and production industries are at a standstill until this blaze decreases.

13 Reasons Why had began filming when they were told to leave the area. This is their second series which is expected to air on Netflix next year. The second series will be different from the first as we won't be hearing directly from Hannah through the cassette tapes, Deadline reports that season 2 "picks up in the aftermath of Hannah Baker’s death and the start of the characters’ complicated journeys toward healing and recovery." Netflix has also inserted trigger warnings for the new series after claims it didn't take the issues in series one seriously.