Baby abandoned on road after Dublin car theft 6 months ago

Baby abandoned on road after Dublin car theft

GardaĆ­ are investigating.

A 10 month old baby has been abandoned on the side of the road in Dublin after a man stole a family car while the child was still in the back.


The baby was thankfully found unharmed, with the incident happening outside the family come on St Attracta Road in Cabra, Dublin, at around 7pm on Sunday, reports.

The mother of the child and her partner, in their 20s, had put the two young children in the back seat of the car with the engine running briefly before the mum ran back inside quickly to get something from the house and her partner followed.

It is thought that the thief had been watching the couple and once they went inside, he took an opportunity to take the Skoda.

It is believed that as soon as he got into the car, the older child, under the age of nine, managed to jump out before the car took off.


The thief then drove off with the 10 month old baby still in the back.

Sources have then claimed that after only a few moments, they realised there was a baby in the back and decided to take the carseat out and leave it on the path before driving off again.

The car is yet to be recovered and no one has been arrested as GardaĆ­ are still investigating the incident at Mountjoy Garda station, with no description of the suspect released.

A source noted that the baby was not harmed in the incident and did not need medical attention after.