Boots To Change Product Prices After Sexism Row 6 years ago

Boots To Change Product Prices After Sexism Row

We already know that men's toiletries are usually much cheaper than the women's counterparts with women paying up to 48% more, but now some action against this glaring discrepancy has been taken.

Pharmacy retailer Boots has responded to a recent petition calling for the store to change its sexist pricing regime.


Boots own-brand razors retailed at £2.29 for women's razors, and £1.49 for a pack of ten for men, and there was also a massive difference in price for eye creams.

A spokesperson for Boots told The Guardian:

“We immediately conducted a review on all Boots own-brand and proprietary ranges to better understand the cited examples. This review has reassured us that for Boots own brands the two reported examples, Boots disposable razors and Botanics eye roll-on, are indeed exceptional cases which do not completely meet our principles and we are taking action to correct these prices."

Boots has also asked its suppliers to review their own pricing practices but said that any changes would be up to the companies themselves. This shows that customer agitation and pressure can somewhat improve things for the average woman's bank balance.


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