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Breaking: A Garda has been shot in north Dublin this morning
Another person sustained gunshot injuries

A Garda has been shot in Dublin this morning.

Gardaí are currently at the scene of a shooting in Ballymun.

According to the Independent, armed officers from the Emergency Response Unit were there to support unarmed and uniformed officers in a drugs raid at 6.30am in the Barnwell area.

Apparently, the garda was shot inside the house, as other officers were gaining entry.

A garda spokesperson said: "The incident occurred during a planned search of a house in Barnwell Drive.


"Two people have been injured, a Garda and male civilian,  both were treated at the scene by trained Gardaí and DFB.

"They have taken to hospital for treatment. Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening."

The scene has been sealed off with armed Gardaí outside.

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