Brian Laundrie went camping with parents after Gabby Petito road trip, lawyer confirms 10 months ago

Brian Laundrie went camping with parents after Gabby Petito road trip, lawyer confirms

In a brief statement, the Laundries' attorney said that the family went camping after Brian Laundrie returned home from his trip.

An attorney working for the family of Brian Laundrie has confirmed that Mr Laundrie went on a camping trip with his parents after returning home from the road trip he embarked on with the late Gabby Petito.


Ms Petito herself never came home from the trip, and earlier this month, her body was found in Wyoming. The initial cause of her death was ruled as a homicide. 

The search for Mr Laundrie - who was reported missing on 17 September - continues.

The statement from the Laundries' attorney reads: "The family camped from 09-06 to 09-07 and they all left the park."

Ms Petito's family reported her as missing on 11 September after not hearing from her for over a week. According to Yahoo! News, they asked the Laundries to help find Gabby, and asked them why he returned from the trip without her, but they refused to comment.


Last week, authorities charged Laundrie with bank card fraud after a federal grand jury found that he made unauhtorised payments or withdrawals by using a Capital One Bank card and someone else's personal identification number. It's reported that the payments amount to over $1,000 (€852), and they were made during the period in which he went missing.

A FBI spokesperson declined to comment on the nature of the payments.

Meanwhile, tributes continue to pour in for Gabby Petito.

Hundreds of people attended her funeral this weekend, where her father Joe described her as "the most amazing person" he's ever met.


He also issued a powerful message to women in toxic relationships, telling mourners: "If there is a relationship that you’re in that might not be the best thing for you, leave it now. Take care of yourself first."