Warning to Irish public over major rise in burglaries 2 months ago

Warning to Irish public over major rise in burglaries

There has been a major increase in burglaries.

The Irish public is being urged to be extra vigilant in the run-up to Christmas after a stark rise in burglaries.


There has been a 33% increase in the number of break-ins in Ireland.

The stark rise in home burglaries is a major concern, especially as we get closer to Christmas.

Many families are afraid to leave their homes alone over the festive period.

According to the Central Statistics Office, one in 10 homes in Ireland has experienced break-ins in the past decade.


It is believed there have been over 182,000 burglaries since 2012.

A new survey by PhoneWatch found that nearly 40% of people feel unsafe when they're home alone. This feeling is particularly common during the darker, winter months when burglaries are more common.

58% of people admitted they felt less safe during the winter months, especially during the night.

Gardaí have urged the public to be vigilant over the next few months.


Follow the recommendations below to protect your home from burglarers;

  • Whether at home or going out, turn on some lights, use timer switches.
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Use your house alarm
  • Store keys safely; away from windows and letterboxes.
  • Record details of valuables and don’t keep large cash amounts at home.

The public has also been told to ask a neighbour or family member to check on their property if they're away.

Another thing that helps is to ensure the building doesn't look neglected.


The public has also been told to avoid posting about holidays on social media.

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