This new TV show is looking for first-time buyers to give advice to 2 years ago

This new TV show is looking for first-time buyers to give advice to

It's probably the biggest purchase you'll ever make, so why not get some expert advice?

If you are about to buy a home, first of all let us congratulate you.


It's a very exciting grown-up step and one that you've no doubt put a lot of thought into.

Go you.

Unfortunately, it's also an expensive, daunting and confusing ordeal that will wreck your head and make you consider just moving back in with your parents.

Anyone currently navigating this minefield might like the chance chat to someone who actually understands how a mortgage works and how to pick the perfect property.

Virgin Media Ireland wants to put first-time buyers face-to-face with an expert for a new TV show.

It's currently casting people who are facing dilemmas in buying a gaff for the series.


The show's expert will help chosen applicants to make the best decision for their needs and to make the right investment for the future

They'll offer advice on everything from getting the best location for your needs, negotiating a bidding war, how to buy while you're still renting and even how to build your own home.

"We want to hear from you whether you are an active saver, deposit ready or already mortgage approved," the production call-out reads.

"You may be self-employed and worried about what that means, buying solo or with the help of your parents, or even with a friend in order to get out of living at home!

"Our expert will cut through the jargon and help break down what your finances can get you in today’s property market."

Sounds handy - so how do you apply?

Email with your details and explain why you want to take part in the show.