Cleo Smith gives police 'new information' about abduction 1 year ago

Cleo Smith gives police 'new information' about abduction

She told police new information.

Australian police are now searching for a woman that may have been involved in Cleo Smith's abduction after the four year old revealed how she had been treated while missing.


Cleo went missing from Blowholes campsite in Carnarvon, Australia, last month and was found alive after police raided the home of Terence Darrell Kelly.

Officers initially said they were not searching for anyone else connected to the abduction, but interviews with Cleo herself indicate that another person may have been involved.

According to the Daily Mail, the police are looking to see if a woman was involved or may have visited the location Cleo was held at after she claimed a woman "helped her dress and brushed her hair."


Forensic examinations are now being carried out on Kelly's property to see if there is any trace of someone else visiting the home.

Detective senior sergeant Cameron Blaine has said that figuring out if he acted alone is the next part of their investigation.

"Our focus this week is for us to ascertain whether there was anyone else involved. That's why we are still here," he said.

"So, we just ask that if there was anyone that had any contact with Mr Kelly, whether you saw him, whether you met with him, whether you spoke to him on the phone during the relevant period to please make yourself known to police."


Kelly is now being held in a maximum security prison in Perth and is due to appear in court again over the next number of weeks.

Numerous charges have been made against him, including one count of forcibly taking a child under 16.

Terence Darrell Kelly purchased Disney toys and dolls before kidnapping Cleo in October.


He was not in the house when the police rescued Cleo.

Officers found him in his car no less than an hour after they broke into his home to save the four-year-old girl.