Cork teenager in critical condition after 'freak snow accident' 3 years ago

Cork teenager in critical condition after 'freak snow accident'

A Cork teenager is in critical condition after a freak snow accident.

The incident occurred yesterday at 3pm when the boy was walking with his father near a sports grounds in the Mayfield area.


He suffered a severe neck injury and there are fears that he may be paralysed from the neck down.

The Irish Examiner reports the teenager tried to climb onto a low wall when he slipped and fell awkwardly.

His father called emergency services and paramedics attended the scene along with Cork City Fire Brigade.

It is understood that due to the severity of his son's neck injury, the father also collapsed.

Both were rushed to hospitals, where the father is expected to make a full recovery.

The teenager remains in critical condition.

This comes after a nationwide red weather warning was issued on Wednesday night.


The government urged everybody to stay indoors after 4pm on Thursday.