Cork toddler injured in hit-and-run is making an 'unbelievable recovery' 1 year ago

Cork toddler injured in hit-and-run is making an 'unbelievable recovery'

The Cork toddler injured in a hit-and-run earlier this year is making an "unbelievably recovery."

Zac Higgins was struck by a car on the road outside his home in Mahon, Cork in March.

The three-year-old sustained a Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) where he suffered impact trauma on the brain.

Zac's mother, Aishling Higgins, has said that her son has made an incredible, and unexpected, recovery since the incident.

She told RTE News at One that Zac is walking and talking again. He is also forming four word sentences, which doctors had not expected so early on in his recovery.

"He's walking and they didn't think that he'd walk," she said. "He's started talking now. He can say kind of four word sentences which is amazing."

"Now, he still struggles with daily tasks but he smiles through the whole lot. But look, we have him and we're delighted that he's here, and we'll take every day as it comes."

Following the hit-and-run, Zac was taken to Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin.

Soon he will be transferred to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire where "every aspect" of him will be worked on.

Aishling said that she still worries that Zac's progress will stop, and that there are concerns that he may have learning difficulties when he grows up.

However, she added that her son "has a big smile on his face every day."