Coronavirus can stay on your phone for up to 28 days, says new study 1 week ago

Coronavirus can stay on your phone for up to 28 days, says new study

And it just keeps getting better and better...

Coronavirus can remain infectious on surfaces such as phone screens for one month, a new study has shown.

Research conducted by Australia's national science agency CSIRO found that the virus, Sars-Cov-2, can survive on surfaces such as phone screens, glass, paper money, and stainless steel for significantly longer than the flu virus.

The study, published in Virology Journal, showed that Covid-19 can remain infectious on surfaces for 28 days, with viral survival time depending on the temperature and the presence of proteins and fats in the body.

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall said that the study will enable researchers to further accurately predict the spread of coronavirus, "and do a better job of protecting our people."

The research was carried out by drying the coronavirus in an artificial mucus on a range of surfaces in a controlled laboratory. The virus was then extracted after a period of time and tested to determine how infectious it was.

While we have all been steadfast about washing our hands during the coronavirus pandemic, we should also be as cautious of the surfaces we touch - including our phones.

You can clean your phone safely using just soap, water, and kitchen roll. Apply a small amount of soap or washing up liquid to some tissue, moisten it with a small amount of water, and gently wipe your phone down. Continue to do this until all of the soap has been removed before drying your phone.

Alternatively, your phone's manufacturer may have detailed instructions on how best to clean your phone. According to Apple, iPhones should be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox disinfecting wipes.