Donegal politician begins hunger strike in anti-abortion protest 5 years ago

Donegal politician begins hunger strike in anti-abortion protest

The hunger strike began after 10am on Monday morning.

Tim Jackson, an independent politician from Donegal, has begun a hunger strike outside the Dáil in an anti-abortion protest.


Jackson says that he will drink only water, and that the hunger strike will 'go on for as long as is necessary', but he will not let it go as far as death.

He posted a Facebook Live stream outside the Dáil after 10am on Monday morning, saying:

"I've got my white flag which is really a message to the politicians that they have to end this killing of the unborn, not going any further with it, stop the war on the unborn."

Jackson states that abortion is something that shouldn't be tolerated, and that before the 8th referendum is taken any further, he wishes for politicians to watch a video of an abortion taking place.


He asks for people to join him, whether to wish to support him or argue with his viewpoint:

"You're welcome to come down to the Dáil at any point and sit here with me, it'd be great to have a bit of company."