Dublin Bus announce new route which has Northsiders jumping for joy 1 year ago

Dublin Bus announce new route which has Northsiders jumping for joy

Dublin Bus has announced that it will be introducing a new route this year, which has Northsiders particularly happy.

According to The Irish Examiner, a bus route from Finglas to the Luas Green Line at Broombridge is being set up and could run as early as March of this year.

This comes after the National Transport Authority and Dublin Bus both reached a preliminary agreement, which will see the new route running as soon as possible.

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Noel Rock, Fine Gael TD, said on the party's website: "A NEW bus service connecting a Dublin suburb to the new Luas line is needed to ease traffic congestion and commuter frustration"

"A bus connection between Finglas and Broombridge would allow commuters from Finglas to get to the city centre in around half an hour. This could be a major boost to the area, reducing the traffic on our roads and tackling the strain of overcrowded services like the 140 Dublin Bus route.

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"This proposal would make a lot of sense, and has been positively received by Dublin Bus and by the people of Finglas.

"I am hopeful that this interim bus connection could be the first step in the process of getting an actual LUAS extension to Finglas, something that would greatly enhance our community here. LUAS is a great service and we cannot stop at last month’s expansion of the Green Line."

Hey, if it makes life easier, we're all for it.