Dublin pals to run a marathon to raise money for friend's life changing spinal surgery 1 year ago

Dublin pals to run a marathon to raise money for friend's life changing spinal surgery

Fair play to them.

Two Dublin friends are setting out to run a marathon with one very good cause that is close to their hearts in mind, to help get their friend a life changing surgery.


Jess Picone and Donal Corrigan have pledged to run 42km in aid of their friend Matthew Murphy who suffered a devastating accident while in Mexico last year, leaving him with limited functionality from the neck down.

Aiming to raise €5,000 from the marathon alone, the Go Fund Me page is looking to raise an overall €250,000 for the Skerries native's surgery that could help him get "dancing again."

Explaining why this is so important to them and their circle, Jess said: "I'm not an expert, but because of the nature of Matt's accident, the first 12-18 months for a vertebrae injury like this are crucial to maximise recovery. All proceeds are going directly to Matt and the family to get him to the treatment he needs.

"The timing of the rehab is crucial, and the treatments can be quite expensive - so it's really to help support some beyond that, I personally have only met Matt a couple times... but from what I've experienced and all I've heard there isn't a doubt in my mind that he wouldn't do the same for me or anyone in need. Matt, his family, his friends and his whole community are truly some of the most wonderful people, and to watch everyone come together in support is incredible... so any little bit of support you can give would be greatly appreciated."



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Giving a bit of background on Matt's situation, Donal explained why the money so urgently needs to be raised.

He said: "Our friend Matt Murphy had an unfortunate accident last year. Matt hit a shallow sandbank after diving off a boat in Mexico. His C5 vertebrae was fractured. Now, he has limited functuality from the neck down.


"Matt has always been full of energy. There is never a dull moment with this man. He always has some adventure on the horizon. The last year has been a testament to his strong character. He has an unbreakable determination to get back on his feet and to continue his adventures.

"We’re running this marathon as part of a bigger fundraising campaign. Matt’s friends and family have been raising funds to get him the treatment needed so that he can walk again. We’ve reached enormous milestones with his Gofundme. But we are not there yet. With this marathon, we hope to get that bit closer of reaching our goal of getting Matt the right treatment."

When it came to figuring out new ways to raise money, Jess is giving all the credit to Donal for coming up with the marathon idea.

She said: "It was all Donal! He had the idea as a part of the fundraising effort for Matt - and I happened to overhear and asked if I could get involved! I've been distance running for nearly 12 years and so I figured it was a way I could help."


You can help Matt get back on his feet by donating to the GoFundMe here, or donate directly to the marathon fund here.