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Dublin radio DJs furious after receiving 'disgusting' message from listener
"That person needs to be locked up."

This is disgusting...

Radio hosts Adrian Kennedy and Jimmy Dixon at 98FM's Dublin Talks were left shaken and angry on Wednesday when they received an abusive and threatening message aimed at Adrian's family.

The text was sent into the show and read out live on air by the presenters. While clearly furious, they gave the sender a chance to explain themselves before passing the message onto Gardaí.

Below is the message that was sent into the station.

The pair called it the "most disgusting, vile, obnoxious text they've ever received" into their programme.


After allowing the sender of the message a chance to explain themselves, they received a call from a man.

The man claimed that one of his work colleagues had got the phone and sent in the message to the station, and when he'd found out, he'd sent them home from work.

You can listen to the segment in full here.

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