Viewers struck by Dundalk mum's repossession story on the Late Late 2 years ago

Viewers struck by Dundalk mum's repossession story on the Late Late

"I'm just stuck in a rut at the minute."

A mother-of-two from Dundalk has told of how she's being kicked out of her rental accommodation with her two young children this week.

Nadine Mulligan, whose children are eight and 14 weeks old, got word earlier this year that the house she had been privately renting for five years was being repossessed.

She received a letter from estate agents in Dublin to tell her she had to leave.

"There was no communication from the landlord, this was completely out of the blue," she told host Ryan Tubridy.

"I have since found out that it has been bought by an American vulture fund."

She said since she got the news in April, she's looked at between forty and fifty houses for rent but hasn't had any luck, except for one landlord who has agreed to put the family up for a few weeks in the hopes that Nadine can get the rent and deposit together.

She told Ryan that she had been paying €480 month and the new house's rent was at €1,100.

"I've never received any help before, I've always paid my own rent privately myself but I will be eligible for HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) this time, which will help enormously."

Nadine is currently off work as she's studying to be a primary school teacher and is caring for her youngest chid who was born ill, she said.

"I've never gotten handouts, I always did it on my own.

"I'm just stuck in a rut at the minute and I haven't been able to catch a break but this lady (her new landlord) has given me a break in the hopes that I'll be able to manage."

Her story certainly got viewers talking.

"If I had the price of her deposit and rent I'd give it to her. What ever happened to compassion, empathy and kindness. So many others in similar situations. Hope she finds the money," wrote one person on Facebook.

"She's giving you a break by asking you for €1100 euro per mth to rent her house and pay her mortgage. What a lifesaver?," commented another.