Eight dogs rescued from 'terrible' hoarding conditions in Co Cork 1 year ago

Eight dogs rescued from 'terrible' hoarding conditions in Co Cork

Shocking scenes.

Eight dogs have been rescued from "terrible" hoarding conditions at a residence in Co Cork.


The three Shih Tzus and five Bichon Frise were removed from the dwelling by the ISPCA. The dogs - aged between five and 10 years - were in poor physical condition with badly matted coats.

Named Dee, Nicky, Rory, Ruby, Sophie, Penelope and Shelly, the dogs have since been groomed and received necessary dental care.

They have also been treated for parasites, vaccinated, and microchipped.

"The dogs were discovered in a distressed state living in a dilapidated pen which could only be described as a squalor," said ISPCA senior inspector Lisa O’Donovan.

"It was really heart-breaking to see such lovely dogs living in such appalling conditions and the suffering they would have endured was just unimaginable. They now have the promise of a secure loving home ahead of them.

"We would appeal to the public to be vigilant about the care of animals in their neighbouring areas. Don’t hesitate to make that call if you suspect an animal could be suffering."


All eight dogs are currently in the care of the ISPCA and are now looking for their forever homes.

If you have any interested in adopting them, or any other dog, you can find more information on the ISPCA's website here.