This could be the most emotional Judge Judy clip of all time 2 years ago

This could be the most emotional Judge Judy clip of all time

It will tug at your heartstrings.

Judge Judy reunited a dog with his owner in a heartwarming moment on the show.

The 2012 clip, which has recently resurfaced online, has gotten nearly 5 million views in just three days.

And it's easy to see why.

Judge Judy had reached her breaking point over the pet ownership case - with each side claiming they were the owner of a little dog named Baby Boy.

According to People, the woman who has Baby Boy insist she bought him legally from someone selling him on the street.

Meanwhile, the other individual says that he was Baby Boy's real owner before the sale - and that the pooch was taken from him and sold to the dog's current owner without his knowledge.

But rather than letting the humans make the final decision, Judge Judy decided to let Baby Boy resolve the canine conundrum.

She has the dog carried into the courtroom, and says: "Put the dog down."

The small pooch goes sprinting to the other side of the courtroom and begins to jump excitedly at his original owner's feet, wagging his tail.

And that's all that Judge Judy needed to see. Within seconds of Baby Boy reaching his owner, she made her final ruling.