English women show solidarity against 'burkini ban' by protesting in London outside the French embassy 2 years ago

English women show solidarity against 'burkini ban' by protesting in London outside the French embassy

Protesters have been demonstrating outside the French embassy in London on Thursday against the heavily criticised burkini ban.

It has been reported that several dozen women attended the rally in swimwear, surrounded by sand and deck chairs holding placards denouncing France's Islamophobic laws and encouraging women everywhere to wear what they want.

Since photos emerged on Wednesday of policemen surrounding a Muslim woman on a beach in Nice and forcibly making her remove her swimwear, people have been questioning the country, usually renowned for their liberal views.

The 34-year-old woman who was for all intents and purposes assaulted by policemen on Wednesday, is a mother of two and her name is Siam. A witness at the beach in Nice on Wednesday told reporters

“The saddest thing was that people were shouting ‘go home’, some were applauding the police…her daughter was crying.”

France’s highest administrative court are currently considering a challenge to the ban.  Amnesty International have come out against the burkini ban and are pressurising the French authorities to take appropriate action. John Dalhuisen, a spokesperson at Amnesty International had this to say,

“French authorities should drop the pretence that these measures do anything to protect the rights of women. Rather, invasive and discriminatory measures such as these restrict women’s choices, violates their rights and lead to abuse”

Organisers of the protest in London on Wednesday posted this on their Facebook page.

“We are disgusted to hear of armed French policemen telling women what they are allowed to wear and making them undress in public… Women have the right to wear whatever they want”

And have been encouraging people to use the hashtag #WearWhatYouWant which has been trending on social media.