Everything you need to know about the new security measures for EP 5 years ago

Everything you need to know about the new security measures for EP

As thousands of people descend on Stradbally for the first day of Electric Picnic 2017, they're being reminded that there will be "significant extra safety measures" there this year.

In the wake of terror concerns at other events throughout Europe, the festival has heightened security to ensure the weekend goes smoothly.


"Of course we’ve changed our security plan," said Electric Picnic director Melvin Benn, who explained that the festival had practised for a number of potential scenarios.

"There are significant extra safety measures.

"We’ve been working really closely with the Gardaí about that, holding tabletop exercises and really spending a lot of time with all the different agencies – talking through likely scenarios, potential scenarios.

"Of course we’re not revealing all the changes but the changes are definitely there.


"The Gardaí will have an armed Garda presence here, there is no doubt about that."

Festival-goers needn't be concerned about the new measures, he added.

"I don’t think people will notice the changes much.

"The intention is to allow people to come and still enjoy themselves because it’s about what we’re doing away from them behind the scenes."


Similar security rules will apply for revellers entering the venue as in other years.

The festival warns that antisocial behaviour could result in eviction from the venue and that the usual items are banned, including high-vis jackets, personal sound systems and excessive amounts of drink, cigarettes or food.