Fifth person stabbed in north London in life-threatening condition 3 years ago

Fifth person stabbed in north London in life-threatening condition

A fifth person has been stabbed in north London and is in a life threatening condition.

The man was attacked in the early hours of this morning in Enfield while walking with a friend.


He walked from Fairfield Road to Aberdeen Road where he was then found by police and emergency services.

His condition is said to be life threatening.

Police have not yet linked the attack to the four other "random" stabbings that occurred in north London over the weekend.

However, the attack should be of "concern" to the public.


Detective Superintendent Luke Marks confirmed that no arrests have been made regarding the crime.

“I am aware that events from the weekend have caused a huge amount of worry and concern among the community, and that this incident will cause further alarm," he said.

“While at this stage the incident has not yet been formally linked, the location and manner of this attack will be of concern to the public.

"Our advice continues that the public remain vigilant, and to contact police regarding anyone acting suspiciously. You will see additional uniformed patrols in the Edmonton area; if you have any concerns, please speak with my officers immediately.”

Police are currently on the look out for a suspect described as a tall, skinny black man, wearing a hoody.


Two suspects were arrested previously on suspicion of grievous bodily harm, but have yet to be charged. They remain in custody.