The story behind this injured Garda's photo is something everyone should read 5 years ago

The story behind this injured Garda's photo is something everyone should read

"She's still suffering pay cuts".

Whether or not you agree with the Garda strike, this photo of Garda Helena Power needs to be seen. The Garda Representative Association has released the graphic image as part of an advert today which aims to educate people about the Garda strike.


Eight years ago, Garda Power was going about her job when she was repeatedly kicked in the face until her eye socket was fractured. The unprovoked attack took place on Halloween night at a bonfire.

In her victim impact statement she said, "I’m not the person I used to be. I hate the person I’ve become because of a vicious and unprovoked attack."

Her image leads the advert which reads:

"Garda Power is just one of thousands of gardaí who daily risk their personal safety to protect and serve the citizens of Ireland.

When garda pay was cut over and over in 2009 the GRA members were balloted, and while 93% favoured industrial action they stopped short of withdrawal of services.

The government didn’t listen and responded with further cuts for new recruits. In an affront to their civil rights and without trade union status gardaí were unable to influence their employers. Gardaí had pay cuts and changes to working practices foisted upon them.

No worker should be forced to endure pay cuts, increased workload, and increased risk to personal safety without the opportunity to say ‘stop’. We now say ‘stop’. Our role is unique in all society, and we must be treated as such."