Here's what Level 5 restrictions would mean for the entire country 3 weeks ago

Here's what Level 5 restrictions would mean for the entire country

NPHET made the Level 5 restrictions recommendation last night.

Party leaders will meet today to discuss the possibility of the entire country entering Level 5 restrictions.

The National Public Health Emergency Team has urged the government to implement the highest level of restrictions for the whole country.

This comes after a sharp increase in virus cases over the weekend, and reports of considerably more deaths compared to what the country has seen in recent months.

It is not yet known whether the government will accept NPHET's recommendations, which would essentially place Ireland in its second total lockdown this year.

It is also not yet known whether a potential Level 5 increase would mirror the restrictions currently listed in the government's Living With Covid-19 Plan.

However, if it does, here's what a Level 5 lockdown is likely to look like.

Social gatherings 

All social gatherings will be banned, irrespective of whether they are happening inside or outside of the house.

No family gatherings should occur outside of your own household.

Similarly, no organised indoor or outdoor gatherings (those that are controlled and hosted by an owner or manager) should take place.

Group exercise classes or events will not be permitted. Sporting events will also be banned.

Restaurants and bars 

Restaurants and bars will be permitted to offer takeaway service only, with no indoor or outdoor seating.

This includes hotel restaurants and bars. Hotels will only remain open for essential purposes (ie, business, to host frontline workers, etc).

Shops and services 

The government's current public plan for living with Covid does not yet specify which shops and services would be permitted to remain open during Level 5.

According to the plan, only "essential" businesses will remain open. It is not yet known whether this will include hairdressers, salons and other shops, but if Level 5 operates a similar way to Ireland's first lockdown, it is to be presumed that they will not.

Weddings and funerals

Weddings and funerals will be permitted to go ahead with a maximum of six people for weddings, and 10 people for funerals.

Work, travel and transport 

Everyone one must work from home unless they are an essential worker.

Public transport capacity will be reduce to 25 percent, and cycling and walking will be encouraged. People must exercise only within a 5km radius.

Public transport will be reserve for essential workers.

You can find the full Level 5 plan here.