Hero teenager saves mother and daughter from river in Co Carlow 1 year ago

Hero teenager saves mother and daughter from river in Co Carlow

The teenager jumped to the mother and daughter's rescue.

A teenage boy in Co Carlow is being deemed a hero after coming to the rescue of a mother and daughter struggling in a river.


17 year old Miley Doran was enjoying any other normal day swimming in the River Barrow, Co Carlow when he noticed a mother and daughter struggling nearby.

Stacey Foley and her 13 year old daughter Sophie were enjoying a similar day in the sun when Sophie was dragged out by a current in the river.

After many attempts from her mother to rescue her, it proved unsuccessful and it wasn't long before Stacey began to struggle too.

Miley noticed the mother and daughter had gotten into difficulty, with another child shouting that their mother was in danger.


Miley told RTE News at One that he jumped into the river to help the family after seeing Stacey's attempts weren't working.

He said: "It was a warm day, and I was swimming as usual. I glanced over to the right, and I saw the child slip in. Her mother jumped in after her. There was another child who was screaming, 'Help! My mother is drowning.'"

"So, when I ran over to see what was happening basically the woman was screaming in fear of her life."

He explained that he had no other choice than to jump in after them and pull them both to safety.


"When I saw them drowning, I had to do the right thing."

Miley is being hailed a "hero" for his bravery, with Stacey's mother Ann Langton hoping he gets rewarded for his actions.

She told local radio station KCLR: "He’ll always, always be our hero. He has a special place in my heart, in their hearts."

“He should be rewarded. He had no second thoughts about it. He didn’t care about his own safety.”