Homeless man hailed a 'hero' after Manchester attack stole from victims 3 years ago

Homeless man hailed a 'hero' after Manchester attack stole from victims

A homeless man hailed a hero after the terror attack at the Manchester Arena has pleaded guilty to stealing from some of the victims injured in the bombing.

33-year-old Chris Parker admitted to taking Pauline Healey's purse as her 14-year-old granddaughter, Sorrell Leczkowski, lay dying nearby.


He also admitted to taking a mobile phone that belonged to a teenager girl, according to The Daily Mail

CCTV footage was played in the courtroom, which reportedly showed him kneeling over victims and digging through their bags in the aftermath of the devastating attack on May 22 last year.

He was seen repeatedly returning to Pauline Healey, before leaning over her and taking her handbag to remove her purse.

He later tried to use Mrs Healey's bank card to buy food in McDonald's.

He pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to two counts of theft and one count of fraud.

Mr Parker had been sleeping rough near the Manchester Arena when Salaman Abedi detonated a device following an Ariana Grande concert.


At least 400 innocent people were injured in the attack, and 22 people were killed.

Well-wishers started a fundraiser for Parker after he claimed to have rushed to the aid of victims following the attack.

More than €56,000 was raised after the GoFundMe page was shared across multiple social media channels.

Mr Parker has not received the money, according to the site.

The crowdfunding site has said that they are in "full control" of the funds and Michael Johns, who set up the page, previously said that donors would be able to get refunds after the trial.


The hearing had been due to take place on Tuesday but Mr Parker failed to show up.

An arrest warrant was issued after his electronic tag was found in an empty soup tin outside of his bail hostel.

He was later found hiding out in a loft, the court was told.

He will be sentenced on January 30 and was remanded in custody.


Judge David Hernandez said that "a custodial sentence is likely in this case".

Photo via GoFundMe.