Irish people are drinking less alcohol than ever before so fair play 3 years ago

Irish people are drinking less alcohol than ever before so fair play

Fair play.

Irish people are drinking far less alcohol than ever before.


According to a new report published by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland, the nation's alcohol consumption has dropped by almost 20 percent in the last decade.

Figures show that alcohol consumption per Irish adult has decreased by 1.4 per cent since 2016.

It has decreased by almost 18 per cent in the decade since 2007 too.

The report shows the average per adult alcohol consumption in 2017 was 11.080 lpa (litres of pure alcohol), which was down by 1.4 percent from the previous year.

It also proved a 23 percent decrease on 14.44 lpa in 2001, and a 17.9 percent decrease on 13.488 lpa over the past decade.



Alcohol Action Ireland, however, has said that this recent decline "is to be welcome but is not particularly noteworthy."

They said:

"If Ireland’s 2.36 million drinkers were to consume reasonably and safely to maximum low-risk levels, we would be consuming nearly 40 percent less than we do today."

Over the past decade, there has been a higher demand for wine and spirits in the country.

Beer is still Ireland's most popular alcoholic drink though, making up almost 50 percent of the market despite consumption falling slightly.


Drinks like cider, wine, and spirits all increased their consumption levels slightly.