Irish teacher on life support in Dubai after suffering accident 3 years ago

Irish teacher on life support in Dubai after suffering accident

A young Irish teacher is on life support after suffering an accident in Dubai.

Aisling Brady was working in Dubai last month when she fainted and hit her head.


The 26-year-old woman from Trim, Co. Meath was taken to hospital where she suffered three cardiac arrests and a stroke.

Aisling also had three seizures on the way to the hospital.

Her accident was brought on by a Pulmonary Embolism that had formed in her leg and eventually travelled to her heart and then to her lungs.

Aisling's boyfriend, Kristian Mansfield, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the necessary money to bring Aisling back to Ireland.

On the website, he wrote that he and Aisling's family are hoping that she will soon be able to leave the acute phase and begin her recovery.

He said:


"We are extremely lucky to be able to start this page today, as just over two weeks ago we were given no hope. If the ambulance was a minute later, we wouldn't be here.

"Everybody that knows Aisling understands she is resilient, driven, stubborn and tenacious and she will not settle for anything less than getting her life back up to speed.

"The first part of Aisling’slong-termm rehabilitation and recovery involves getting her home to Ireland."

As Aisling's medical insurance does not cover rehabilitation or emergency evacuation, Kristian and Aisling's family need to raise €80,000 to ensure that the Trim native can get home.

They want to organise an air ambulance to transport Aisling to a hospital in Ireland which, as this is a bed-to-bed service, costs a considerable amount of money.

"A special account has been set up with appointed trusties back in Ireland and all money raised will go into that and be used to enable the family to get the Aisling we all know and love back to her big hearted self."


Any extra money raised will go towards Aisling's rehabilitation once she is home.

You can donate to Aisling's GoFundMe here. 

Images via GoFundMe.