Journalist calls England players "overpaid nonces" live on BBC 5 years ago

Journalist calls England players "overpaid nonces" live on BBC

This isn't even the worst thing the players will be called today.

England crashed out of Euro 2016 on Monday night, deservedly losing 2-1 to Iceland. The result would have been considered a shock before the game, but the perceived minnows comfortably dealt with England's feeble attacks.


The England fans behind the goal chanted that the team weren't fit to wear the jersey, and late substitute Marcus Rashford was the only player to emerged through the whole ordeal with any sort of credit.

Needless to say, the players will be doing their best to avoid social media for the next while.


During the match, fans tore into keeper Joe Hart for his mistake that allowed Iceland's second goal to creep past him, while the attention after the game quickly turned to making fun of Roy Hodgson's potential successor. The players were even being insulted on BBC News.

Following the shocking but also oddly typical defeat, journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer, in a newspaper review slot, offered her insight into the debacle.

While you might expect the BBC to add some deep insight into the failings of England's footballing structure, wondering what Premier League teams could do to help the national team, Hartley-Brewer instead opted for the simple route of calling the players "overpaid nonces."

The loss was the most embarrassing thing to happen to England since last Friday.