Leaked ISIS Document Reveals Scale Of Terror Plans 6 years ago

Leaked ISIS Document Reveals Scale Of Terror Plans

A document, believed to have been created by the Islamic State has emerged, revealing how the terror group plans to create its own government.

The 24-page blueprint, obtained by The Guardian, describes how ISIS wants to control the world's oil and gas industries in addition to creating education facilities, jobs and training camps for fighters.


Retired General Stanley McChrystal, was a leader of a military unit involved in taking down ISI, ISIS' predecessor in Iraq during the years 2006-2008, and he gave his opinion to the publication.

Speaking to The Guardian about 'Principles in the Administration of the Islamic state' he said: “If it is indeed genuine, it is fascinating and should be read by everyone – particularly policymakers in the west.
“If the west sees Isis as an almost stereotypical band of psychopathic killers, we risk dramatically underestimating them.

“In the Principles in the administration of the Islamic State, you see a focus on education (really indoctrination) beginning with children but progressing through their ranks, a recognition that effective governance is essential, thoughts on their use of technology to master information (propaganda), and a willingness to learn from the mistakes of earlier movements".

This document comes to light only a few weeks after ISIS warned of further attacks in Europe following the atrocities in Paris on November 13th.