Leo Varadkar has posted a pic of himself loading a dishwasher 2 years ago

Leo Varadkar has posted a pic of himself loading a dishwasher

Man of the people, indeed.

On Thursday evening, on the ninth day of November, many things of note occurred.

Comedian and actor Louis CK was accused of masturbating in front of multiple women.

The John Lewis advert was not released despite multiple reports that it was due to appear on the retailer's Twitter "soon."

Forever 21 announced that they were closing their doors in Dublin, much to the dismay of many a shopper.

The most noteworthy thing to happen on Thursday evening, however, took place on the Facebook page of a very well-known politician.

Some have even gone so far as to say that this was the pivotal moment of 2017.

And, to be honest, they wouldn't be too far off the mark.

... Because yesterday evening, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar filled a dishwasher and posted a pic of himself on Facebook to prove it.

Truly, truly something else.

Leo's photo came paired with the incredible caption: "... No-one gets away without packing the dishwasher around here."

Since Varadkar shared his pic, global peace has been achieved, climate change has been stopped in its tracks, and world hunger is no longer an issue.

Now, we don't know about you but we have many, many questions for Mr. Varadkar about this photo.

Most notably - why?

One thing is for certain though, and that's that we cannot wait to see this iconic moment on Reeling in the Years in about a decade.