Man In Cork Reportedly Killed By Toxic Spider Bite 5 years ago

Man In Cork Reportedly Killed By Toxic Spider Bite

An Irish father-of-five from Cork reportedly died last month after a spider bit him on the neck. The man in question was watching a movie when the incident occurred.

According to the Irish Sun, John Kennedy died from massive internal bleeding reportedly as a result of the bite.

The paper claims that before his death, Kennedy suffered from stomach swelling, organ failure and his eyesight failed.

"He got bitten. We found a spider with a weird red back," his wife Jeanne told the Irish Sun. "But the bite he got had bled very badly. We went through a roll and a half of toilet roll to try and stop it."

John was rushed into hospital in July of this year after he vomited blood and lost his eyesight.

"He was a stubborn man and he said he would be grand in the morning, it didn’t pass," Jeanne continued. "At midnight he said ‘call the ambulance’. The paramedics told me it wasn’t looking good."

John passed away the following day and an inquest has been ordered into his death.

The bite is believed to be from a spider called the poisonous red-back which is usually seen on the other side of the world but has reportedly been spotted here recently.

Hat tip to the Irish Independent.