Met Eireann claim "BBQ" season is only days away 1 month ago

Met Eireann claim "BBQ" season is only days away

Summer is coming.

We may have only gotten one sunny day this weekend and while the rain returned just as fast as it left us, there is still some hope for summer sun.


Met Eireann is expecting a blast of heat to come out way over the next week but we can't get ahead of ourselves just yet.

The forecaster has predicted that it might be finally time for BBQ season to be in full swing this weekend as the sun is set to appear in full by Saturday.

While there are set to be a few scattered showers throughout the week in most of the country, they are set to clear by Saturday leaving us running for the bottle of suncream.

Calm and clear conditions will arrive throughout Ireland and temperatures are set to reach as high as 20 degrees in some parts of the country.


The forecaster told The Mirror: "Weekend still looking good, I'll track this as we go through the week and see how it pans out. I think the BBQ could be out though."

This Friday is set to start with some clouds and scattered showers mainly in the west and north of the country but will gradually brighten up as the day goes on, with some sunny spells emerging.

Highest temperatures of 13 degrees in the northwest to 19 degrees in the southeast in a moderate westerly breeze.


There will be long clear spells overnight on Friday with clouds rolling in towards the morning, but they won't stay long.

Saturday is set to see a warm and mainly dry day with long spells of sunshine and just a few light showers, with highest temperatures of 6 to 20 degrees in near calm conditions.

Sunday will also be a warm and dry day before the following week will bring some more unsettled weather back, it'll be good while it lasts.