Met Éireann issues weather warning for three counties 6 months ago

Met Éireann issues weather warning for three counties

The good weather was never going to last...

Well, it might do, but we're going to have a good bit of wind to deal with while we're enjoying it.


The past few days have been glorious. Not life-wise because we're living through a pandemic, but weather-wise.

The sun was shining, the heat was oppressive, the sweat was pouring down every single one of our faces as we attempted to WFH in such tempting conditions.

Thankfully, the majority of today looks set to be more of the same, but tonight is where it gets a little bit rough. That is, if you live in Galway, Mayo, or Donegal.

Met Éireann has issued a status yellow wind warning for Galway and Mayo for this evening (Thursday, May 21).

The warning, which will come into effect from 9pm, states that these two counties should expect "south to southeast winds, veering southwesterly to reach mean speeds of 45 to 65 km/hr with gusts of 85 to 110 Km/hr."

These winds will occur mainly in coastal areas, and on exposed hills and mountains. The warning will be in place until 6pm Friday.

Similarly, another yellow wind warning will come into effect for Donegal on Friday, May 22 at 6am. It will remain in place until 9pm that night.


Despite this, it thankfully looks set to be hot enough across the country today with highs of 20 degrees in some places.

Tomorrow will be windier and there will be bouts of showers but temperatures aren't due to drop below nine degrees.

Manageable, at least.