Met Eireann is calling the weekend weather forecast 'extremely disturbed' 7 months ago

Met Eireann is calling the weekend weather forecast 'extremely disturbed'

Oh, greeaat.

We know it's only Wednesday, but we're already counting the hours down to the weekend.

And it seems any sort of outdoor plans we have may need to be revisited.

The folks at Met Eireann have predicted an "extremely disturbed" weekend of weather.

The forecast reads:

"Friday will be rather cloudy and breezy. Many places will be dry at first but there will be some scattered outbreaks of rain during the morning mostly in southern, southwestern and some eastern areas."

"Heavy rain will move into the south and west in the afternoon and then become widespread in the evening Afternoon highs of 9 to 11 degrees in fresh and gusty southerly winds. The heavy rain will clear early Friday night and it will become chilly with temperatures falling to between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius and a slight or sharp frost in some areas."

Met Eireann

"Saturday will see a cool, dry, bright start for many with some showers in western areas. Turning wet and extremely windy by early afternoon through the west and south and extending countrywide through the afternoon and evening with the risk of some severe squally conditions for a short time during the early evening, as the rain clears eastwards to showers some possibly wintry in the northwest."

"Cold and largely dry for a time overnight with lows of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius and some frost in places. But further rain and strengthening south to southwest winds overnight will be in western areas later in the night."

"Very strong and squally southwest winds with heavy rain on Sunday morning with possibly some wintry falls for a time in parts of the north, but clearing to showers and blustery westerly winds later in the day."

So a classic Irish weather situation - 4 seasons in one weekend.