Missouri Police Arrest Suspect In Social Media Racism Case 5 years ago

Missouri Police Arrest Suspect In Social Media Racism Case

There has been an arrest made after there were racist threats found on several social media sites against protesting African American students at a US university.


African American students at the University of Missouri have been engaged in protests over the last few weeks regarding the lack of action by administration at the University in tackling racism on campus. Students maintained that the authorities at the college had failed to tackle the amount of discriminatory and racist incidents at the university.

Missouri-University-protesters-jpg Protestors on campus at the University. Image:  www.wyff4.com

They had been calling the for the resignation of the President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R Bowen Loftin who both stepped down on Monday, according to CNN. During this time many black students at the University were targeted with very threatening and aggressive social media messages across several platforms, including YikYak. A suspect has been taken into custody this morning,  The Atlantic reports.

The threats had caused disruption to on university events, with safety curtailments put in place across the campus.