PSA! NASA is paying women €16k to lie in bed for two months 1 year ago

PSA! NASA is paying women €16k to lie in bed for two months

We've been training for this our whole lives.

Some people were born to climb mountains.


Some were born to succeed in business, or to invent something that changes humankind.

Some are destined to have great love affairs, others to travel the world.

And some of us were born lazy pieces of s*** who love to stay in bed.

We'd ideally get 14 hours sleep a night minimum, won't be seen before lunchtime at the weekends and prefer being under a duvet than anywhere else in the world.

If that sounds like you, you'll be intrigued to hear that NASA is recruiting women to stay in bed for two whole months.

Yes, two delicious months in your jammies while the world keeps turning.


The Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study is looking at the effects of weightlessness on the body.

The only requirements are that participants are between 24 and 55 and healthy.

It's due to last 89 days - 15 days of familiarisation, 60 days of bed rest and 14 days of re-acclimatising to being out of bed again (which we could do with most days, TBH).

During the bed rest period, they will eat, shower and do pretty much everything lying down.


They'll be allowed to read, watch TV and movies and anything else they can do without raising their heads.

The women will have to spend half an hour each day in a 'human centrifuge' - the spinny things you see astronauts training in in movies - but NASA has said that it will go slow for this study.

Even if getting sea sick doesn't appeal to you, the money might.

NASA and the German Aerospace Centre are paying €16,500 per participant - around €275 for each day you're lying down.


Sounds like the dream...