Paddy Power run brutal full page ads about Brexit in two British newspapers 1 year ago

Paddy Power run brutal full page ads about Brexit in two British newspapers

They're known for their controversial ads.

Paddy Power has published a full-page ad running in today's UK editions of The Sun and The Star... and it's risqué to say the least.

The company issued an apology to the English population for everything that has happened to them since the Brexit referendum went down two and a half years ago.

Paddy Power's head of major brand activations Paul Mallon, shared a photo of the ad on Twitter which said: "Dear England, sorry for the last two years of pain, suffering and humiliation. Another 798 and we'll be even."

Fair enough.

It has come to light in recent weeks politicians, MPs, media commentators and journalists have revealed just how little they know about Anglo-Irish relations, with some being completely ignorant.

And just this week, Mairead McGuinness had to shut down men who began to heckle speakers throughout a debate.

Ms McGuinness is Vice President of the European Parliament and was chairing the European Parliament’s debate on the latest Brexit developments.

Throughout the debate, Independent MEP David Coburn interrupted the proceedings to shout at speakers and at one point shouted "auf wiedersehen" at German MEP Elmar Brok. He then shouted "good" as MEP Guy Verhofstadt spoke out about the uncertainty of Brexit.

Mairead McGuinness addressed the repeated outbursts by saying to the crowd: "This is a very difficult issue for all of us. The least we can do is respect the person who has the microphone."

She handled it like a pro.