Penneys is finally getting a new website 2 years ago

Penneys is finally getting a new website

Penney's is taking the plunge online.

The one thing we've always wanted is to be able to shop online in Penneys, and we're one step closer to getting it.


Penneys has revealed that a brand new website will be launching in Ireland and will let us see all the stock the store has before we head in to shop.

News broke yesterday that a UK website was on its way, with Penneys telling RSVP that the site will also cover the Irish market too.

Penneys does have a website as of right now, but it only allows you to see snippets of what is in store, without going into much detail and not showing the full range.



And while the new website won't allow you to buy anything online, it will let you check what items are in stock and what stores have them, so you won't be disappointed when you get there.

Penneys told RSVP: "I can confirm the new Primark website will cover also Penneys in Ireland.

"The new website will cover all markets – a single Primark website, based on the same technology, translated into local languages and currencies.



"For further information you can look to the ABF trading update from this morning here."

Penneys will keep their products limited to only in store, despite a lot of shoppers urging for them to create an online store during each lockdown.

As the world turned to online shopping during the pandemic and Penneys doors' remained closed, many were pressuring them to put their stock online, with calls to at least put the essentials online.