People are up in arms over a company selling smoked seal sausages 1 year ago

People are up in arms over a company selling smoked seal sausages

Animal lovers have reacted angrily to the news that seal meat sausages are set to be produced in Russia.

The sausages, made from smoked seal caught off Russia's Pacific coast, are made by a local entrepreneur who believes that there is an "empty niche" for his product.

"According to dietitians, seal meat possesses not only a good taste, but also nutritional value," Vasily Borisov said, according to the Daily Telegraph.

He argues that seal meat promotes a host of health benefits including better vision, improved respiration, lower blood pressure and a lower risk of heart attacks - and that it can even help people going through chemotherapy.

Mr Borisov has reportedly said that he is prepared to provide seal fat "to any kindergarten class, like in old times.

"A spoonful a day, just like in our childhood."

His company produced 10,000 cans of spotted seal meat as well as seal fat and seal bacon last year, he claimed, and now has a state grant to begin producing smoked seal sausages.

It has already killed 137 seals for the sausages, according to a government report.

An online petition to halt the production of the product has gotten over 160,000 signatures.

The petition, addressed to Russian president Vladimir Putin, says that "commercial seal hunting has no place in the 21st century."

"Humanity in its relatively short history has brought too much misfortune to seals and marine mammals.”

The petition also disputes Mr Borisov's health claims, saying that the Omega 3 fatty acids which are so beneficial can be found in lots of other foods.