Plane Crash In Russia Leaves 62 Dead 4 years ago

Plane Crash In Russia Leaves 62 Dead

A passenger jet that was flying from Dubai to southern Russia crashed on its second attempt to land at Rostov-on-Don airport early this morning.

According to Reuters, all 62 individuals on board the FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 died in the accident.


One of the flight recorders has been recovered from the wreckage.

The Investigative Committee Of Russia stated: "Different versions of what happened are being looked into, including crew error, a technical failure and bad weather conditions."

The plane was around 250m short of the runway, where there was subsequently a large explosion, almost 2 hours after the plane was scheduled to land.

"At this moment our thoughts and prayers are with our passengers and our crew who were on board the aircraft," said the government-owned airline.

Lead Image via Reuters