Pubs not serving food in Dublin unlikely to reopen as planned next week 7 months ago

Pubs not serving food in Dublin unlikely to reopen as planned next week

All pubs were originally set to reopen next Monday.

Pubs not serving food in Dublin are unlikely to reopen next week as planned.


So-called "wet pubs" across the country have been closed since the end of March, and were initially expected to reopen on September 21.

However, due to the number of Covid cases currently in Dublin, it is unlikely that pubs not serving food will be permitted to reopen in the capital. Pubs not serving food in other parts of the country will be permitted to reopen.

RTÉ News reports that Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said "special measures" will be needed to tackle Dublin's rising number of Covid cases.

A risk framework for living with Covid will be published by the government later this morning. The publication will detail five different levels of the virus and the restrictions applicable to each.

Level one will include minimal restrictions and level five will operate similar to the total lockdown experienced earlier this year.

Right now, the whole of Ireland is classed as level two. Despite Dublin's classing as level two risk, it is expected that special restrictions will be implemented for the capital.

This will likely include the reducing of visitors from other households allowed indoors, and wet pubs remaining shut.


The risk framework will cover living with coronavirus for a six to nine month period.