Vicky Phelan enjoys "pure bliss" solo trip to Doonbeg 10 months ago

Vicky Phelan enjoys "pure bliss" solo trip to Doonbeg

Vicky Phelan said the trip was "pure bliss."

Vicky Phelan has given her followers an update after taking a break from social media.


The mum revealed she had the chance to visit Doonbeg recently. She said she had a night of "pure bliss" on her own.

Alongside photos from her trip, Vicky said the trip was exactly what she needed.

She wrote: "Managed to get down to my bolthole here in Doonbeg for a night away on my own... pure bliss!"

During her trip, Vicky met up with friends, walked the prom in Lahinch, and visited her favourite coffee spot.


"I stopped off on my drive home at White Strand and Doughmore Bay just to watch the waves because it was such a lovely afternoon, albeit a bit windy."

Vicky is now back at home after her trip.

"Back home at the base now and I have the stove lighting and just about to run a bath before I collapse in front of the TV and watch something on Netflix.

She shared, "Now that's what I call a lovely day."


Vicky's followers were thrilled to hear she had the chance to create more happy memories.

One wrote, "Amazing, amazing, amazing lady. Looking fantastic. Nothing like a bit of seaside therapy and a self-care few days."

"So happy to hear you had a lovely trip and now you are home and relaxing. You are just fantastic," another said.

One added, "Well done Vicky, you never stop amazing me. You look great hope you are feeling well."