Rogue herd of cows invade Hong Kong supermarket in dramatic coup d'etat 4 years ago

Rogue herd of cows invade Hong Kong supermarket in dramatic coup d'etat

It's been a good year for cows.

And an even better week, as a rogue herd of cows staged an invasion in a local Hong Kong supermarket recently, attacking the fresh produce aisle with all the military precision of the Red Army during the Operation Uranus counteroffensive at Stalingrad.


Yeah, sorry, yeah, I have been watching World War II in Colour on Netflix. But the point is: Shit me, look at these cows.

Local newspaper Ming Pao reported that the wild animals entered the Fusion grocery store in Mui Wo at about 8pm and jumped straight in at the fruit and vegetable aisle, presumably because whatever meal deals Fusion grocery was offering were either a) subpar or b) were unmanageable in terms of packaging if you lack opposable thumbs, let alone just have hooves.

Footage posted to Facebook by Stephen Law shows shoppers just kinda standing around awkwardly, not exactly knowing what to do or how to go about their big shop with four hefty, hungry cows standing in the way of the healthy part of a balanced diet.

According to Hong Kong's Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department, over 1,100 wild cows roam the country, meaning that incidents like this aren't entirely uncommon. Supermarket staff and customers anxious for their vitamins were able to corral the cattle out of the store but it was bad news for the produce, which had to be destroyed after the ambitious cow raid for obvious sanitary reasons.


A local resident told us that the cows likely came from a Buddhist monastery close to the supermarket and explained that Buddhist monks look after the cows as there is no farming allowed on the island.

Some decent cow info for you, that.