Ryanair have not held back in their statement about the ongoing strikes 9 months ago

Ryanair have not held back in their statement about the ongoing strikes

Just get it sorted FFS.

As the strike action by Ryanair staff continues today, flights have been affected for many people in Ireland and the UK.

The Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA) pilots at Ryanair began their third day of stoppages on Tuesday, while on Wednesday and Thursday cabin crew in Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Portugal strike over contracts.

Cabin crew for the airline are demanding a number of changes from Ryanair including unpaid leave, a fair system for base transfers, promotion and disciplinaries not sales related, and an end to all extra costs that they say incur on their job. These include water, uniforms and IDs.

However, in a statement on Tuesday's industrial action, Ryanair have slated pilots for their strike action and said they're striking for something which does not even affect them.

In a statement, the airline said:

"We apologise to the 2,500 Irish customers whose flights today (Tues) were cancelled last Thursday (and who were re-accommodated/refunded over the weekend) due to a 3rd unnecessary strike by a small minority (25 percent) of our Irish pilots (who earn €150,000 - €200,000 p.a.) over 'seniority and base transfer' proposals which they can't explain and which don't even affect them.

"Our pilots should resolve these issues through our working group and notdisrupa any more customer holidays.

"Across Europe today, Ryanair will operate over 2,400 flights, taking over 450,000 customers to their holiday destinations."