Seven people have died from the flu in Ireland in the last few weeks 5 years ago

Seven people have died from the flu in Ireland in the last few weeks

Awful news.

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre has released information stating that seven people have died in Ireland in the last few weeks from the flu.


Furthermore, there have been 341 cases of flu since mid-December, with 270 of those admitted to hospital before the end of December. Of those people, 15 were admitted to intensive care.

According to The Sun, the HPSC said, "Seven confirmed influenza cases died and were notified to HPSC this season to date. Overall, influenza activity in Ireland increased during weeks 51 and 52 of 2016 (up to the week ending January 1, 2017)."

They expect the numbers could rise, especially amongst the older population.

They added:


"Confirmed influenza hospitalisations and influenza outbreaks are currently at high levels and are continuing to increase, with those aged 65 years and older most affected.

Respiratory admissions reported from a sentinel hospital network were at very high levels. It is recommended that antivirals be considered for the treatment or prevention of influenza in high-risk groups.”

Dr McDaid said:

“We need a real long spell of a week’s cold hard frost in order to change this.

As long as we have this type of weather then this flu in adults and children, in particular, are going to be the main people who suffer as a result of this.

I think that after the Christmas break now, once they go back to school again for a week or two I think the rate of absenteeism is going to go right up.

You’d be far better off being proactive rather than reactive and saying maybe we should close it down at this stage or at least make some decision.”