What shops can stay open under Level 4 restrictions? 2 weeks ago

What shops can stay open under Level 4 restrictions?

Businesses deemed "essential" are permitted to remain open.

Donegal, Cavan, and Monaghan are moving to Level 4 restrictions from midnight tonight.

But which shops and services have the government deemed "essential" and will be permitted to stay open during Level 4?

Here's a list of them.


Supermarkets or markets that mainly sell food will remain open regardless of the restrictions in place. Operating hours may vary.

Chemists and other retailers selling pharmaceuticals 

Pharmacies will remain open, as will stores selling pharmaceuticals on a wholesale basis.

Takeaway restaurants selling food and drinks 

Restaurants and bars offering takeaway or delivery will remain open, however no indoor or outdoor seating is permitted.

Separate sections may be advised for essential and non-essential items. Delivery will likely be contactless.

Banks, credit unions, and post offices 

All of the above will remain open.

Dry cleaners 

Laundries and dry cleaners will remain open.

Hardware stores

Shops selling products necessary to the "upkeep of homes and businesses" will remain open, both on retail and wholesale basis.

Stores selling protective equipment and safety supplies can also continue trading.

Pet shops 

Pet shops and retailers selling veterinary products can remain open to protect the welfare of pets and other animals.

Opticians and facilities providing hearing tests

Specialised health or medical retailers can also remain open during Level 4.

Vehicle and bicycle repair stores

Businesses catering to the repair and maintenance of vehicles and bicycles will stay open.

If you or someone you know is struggling amid the news of tightening restrictions across the country, you can find a list of services here that may be helpful.