Sinead O'Connor takes back her plan to retire from music 1 year ago

Sinead O'Connor takes back her plan to retire from music

Sinead O'Connor has backed out of her retirement plans.

After a shocking announcement of her plans to retire, Sinead O'Connor has backed out of the idea completely.


In very Sinead fashion, she took to Twitter to take back what she said about retiring last week.

The singer wrote: "Good news. F**k retiring. I retract. Am not retiring."

Sinead used her second Twitter account to break the news, using the personal account over her professional one.

"I was temporarily allowing pigs in lipstick to f**k my head up... here's my statement..... in the form of these three photos. It's 'colourful' but that's me : )"


Adding a statement to the tweet, Sinead explained that the initial decision to retire was brought on by a bad experience in a recent interview, but after an abundance of support, she retracted the idea.

She apologised to "all the fans, buyers, promoters, venues and hot dog sellers" for scaring them, adding: "To be honest, I gave myself a fright too."

Sinead is set to be performing shows in 2022, which explains her reference to hot dog sellers.

She then went on to explain herself even more, saying that her treatment by some media outlets has been the reason her career "derailed".


She said: "When people wonder what derailed my career? The UK and Irish UK papers constant abuse and invalidation of me on the grounds I may or may not have been diagnosed by them as 'mad'. As if it makes you invalid."

"Anyway, the dude abides. I am not gonna retire, I’m gonna keep being fabulous :) and I’m not gonna be made feel any shame associated with my exhibiting the symptoms of trauma."

She may have given all a shock with that news, but we're happy to hear she'll be back singing her heart out.