So Zara Larsson thinks we should have way more sex for this very important reason 6 months ago

So Zara Larsson thinks we should have way more sex for this very important reason

Brought to you by (DUREX)RED

Okay, so we love sex and we love safe sex.

Well apparently, so does Zara Larsson. Yep, the 20-year-old Swedish singer is urging everyone to have safe sex, all while helping to provide education and access to sexual health services to girls in South Africa.

Next time we're picking up a pack of condoms, she's spurring us on to pop a pack (or two) of (DUREX)RED  into our basket. This is because Durex has teamed up with the non-profit organisation, RED, to help support its mission to help end AIDS.

In an interview with (DUREX)RED The Ruin My Life singer says;

"It's estimated that every two minutes an adolescent around the world is infected with HIV and it's so important that my generation use their voices to encourage others to 'give a fuck' and stop this happening."

With World AIDS Day, on December 1, here's what you should know:

In sub-Saharan Africa, three in four new infections are among girls aged 15 to 19, while young women aged 15 to 24 are twice as likely to be living with HIV than men.

More than a third of women around the world have experienced physical and/or sexual violence at some time in their lives. In some regions, women who experience violence are one and a half times more likely to become infected by HIV. In 2017, it was calculated that 36.9 million people were living with HIV.

Zara is joined by Joined by Emmy Award winning actor Thandie Newton, Braodway star Javier Munoz, comedian, singer and actor Phoebe Robinson, influencer and activist Tyler Oakley, singer, rapper and actor Jacob Latimore, and actor Chrstian Navarro, in encouraging viewers to 'give a fuck' about AIDS and share online using #GAF.

While we have great sex using the (DUREX)RED condoms, we'll be helping to support young girls in South Africa, keeping them in school for longer and therefore helping them to avoid getting AIDS. Durex is making a minimum donation of €4.4 million also to The Global Fund via the (DUREX)RED partnership, while the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match this.

When asked why she has joined forces with (DUREX)RED Zara says;

"This campaign is raising awareness around a hugely important issue in a provocative and fresh way by encouraging people to ‘give a f**k’ about AIDS. I’m proud to use my voice to raise more awareness and hopefully encourage more people to care!

"By partnering with Durex and (RED) – I’ll be able to use my voice to help raise vital funds to support young women in South Africa, where over 7.2 million people are currently living with HIV and AIDS. Through a (DUREX)RED condom, you’ll not only be helping to protect yourself and your partner, but you’ll also be enabling women to stay in school and to access sexual health services. It’s a win win! We want people to have sex and save lives, by joining the fight to end AIDS."

They also asked her does she think (DUREX)RED and the #GAF campaign can help communicate the issue of AIDS, HIV and STI's to young people. She said;

"I think this campaign will really resonate with young people, who might not know very much about HIV and AIDS. Yet every two minutes an adolescent is infected with HIV around the world so it’s incredibly relevant to our generation and we need to know more about these issues and use our voices to help stop HIV and AIDS.

"I hope that I can use my platform to engage young people and encourage them to Have Sex and Save Lives for the first time with the special-edition (DUREX)RED condoms. Not only will they be helping to protect themselves and their partner, but the money raised will also help keep young women and girls in South Africa in school for longer and give them more access to HIV prevention and sexual health services. Social media will also play a really important role to unite young people to join forces and show they ‘give a f**k’ about fighting HIV and AIDS."

So what tips might Zara have for people to inspire others to #GAF (give a fuck), #HAVESEXANDSAVELIVES and protect themselves against the spread of AIDS?

"I have two tips: One, keep talking about safe sex and using condoms – people often find the topic uncomfortable but by talking about it we’re getting rid of the taboo and it’s so important that we all practice safe sex.

"Two, you can ‘Have Sex and Save Lives’ by buying a (DUREX)RED condom. You’ll not only be helping to protect yourself and your partner against HIV and STIs, but a portion of the sales will go towards supporting young women and girls in South Africa to help keep them in school for longer and give them more access to sexual health services."

So everyone, before you indulge in a bit of hanky-panky yourselves, grab some (DUREX)RED condoms and give young women and girls the greatest gift — adequate education and access to health services. The power to make a great positive impact on a girls life is in your hands!

Brought to you by (DUREX)RED.

We can all ‘give a f**k’ ahead of World AIDS Day 2018, by buying a (DUREX)RED condom at selected retailers nationwide and sharing the #GAF message online. To find out more information about the (RED) campaign, visit