The Samsung S7 Is Out Today And It Looks Fab 6 years ago

The Samsung S7 Is Out Today And It Looks Fab

The much-hyped new flagship smartphone from tech giant Samsung has arrived on our shores today, and it's pretty deadly.

The handset is certifiably water-resistant, which will please those of us who have lost a phone to the depths of a toilet and then tried to salvage it with a bag of rice.


The storage on the phone is a massive 32GB and with the return of the long-lamented memory card slot, it can be expanded even more.

In terms of the camera, it's basically the best smartphone on the market boasting 12mp, and there's a new autofocus feature meaning you can take pictures faster without blurriness. They also kindly added more features for the camera to work in low light, as people had complained about the previous model's performance taking pictures at night.

Considering Ireland is constantly grey, the low light feature is VERY WELCOME.

It's running on the newest Android OS (Marshmallow) and has a superfast quadcore processor.


The screen is a generous 5.5inches, and the battery charges in 90 minutes on average which is brilliant.

Now we will await the launch of the new iPhone with baited breath.